Terms & Policies



We ask for a credit card to be left on file for online bookings. Here’s why:

When appointments are booked, we reserve that time just for you. We require a credit card or gift card to be kept on file before your visit to ensure that our time is compensated in the event of a no show. Booking online does not automatically charge your card. Our policy is that if nobody calls to cancel an appointment, and nobody shows up, we charge 100% of the scheduled appointment price. If you aren’t sure if you can make it to your massage, please let us know as soon as possible so that we have every opportunity to re-book that space with another client.

Honestly, we don’t like that we have to have this policy in place, but it’s been the most effective way to reduce missed appointments. We understand that life just happens sometimes, so this policy can be flexible in the event of a client emergency.

But what if I want to book online and pay with a gift card or with cash?

If you would like to book online, but pay with cash or a gift card in person, you will still need to enter a credit card number to book online. Unfortunately, with the software we use for online booking, there is no feature that allows booking with gift card numbers. I know, we hate it too. If you are not comfortable booking with a credit card, please call us at (573)999-1646 so that we can either take down your gift card number, or arrange to prepay for your service in person.